FINANCIAL SUPPORT OF MCF goes beyond the hard costs of facility rentals and musician fees. Not only are you are supporting the time proven tradition of presenting classic choral master works in a professional setting, you are contributing to the quality of life in our community.


  • Credit Card – donate any amount via PayPal or credit card. Click on the yellow DONATE button here or on the homepage.

  • Mail a Check – made payable to 'MCF' 1660 Lincoln Street, Suite 1420 Denver, CO 80264. Note in the memo line if you would like to sponsor one of the following items.

  • Sponsor the following with special recognition

    • Conductors Honorarium $2,500

    • Musicians: Accompanist $1,500; Orchestra chair 48 chairs at $325 each; Soloists 4 at $300 each; Section Leaders 4 at $150 each

    • Videographer $500, Photographer $75

    • Recording Engineer/Audio Tech/Webcaster 3 at $75 each

    • Color Printing: Programs $500; Posters and Tickets $200

    • Venues: Rehearsal $400; Performance $1,200

    • Reception Food & Drink $500

    • Flowers for performers $125

    • Insurance $175

  • Volunteers are always welcome!

Designate a portion of your CO income tax return to MCF through the ReFUND CO program.

Contributions are tax deductible

to the extent allowed by law.

Federal Tax ID 20-133022545

CO Secretary of State ID 20131332604


Orchestra Chairs - Ricki Vorrath-Moyer (4)

Accompanist - Ricki Vorrath-Moyer

Soloists - Deb Woodward, Ricki Vorrath-Moyer

Section Leaders - Ricki Vorrath Moyer (2)

Scholarship - Megan Hawthorn

Recording Techs - Karen Lockwood, Anne McClure

Tickets - Ricki Vorrath-Moyer

Venue - Howard & Kathie Brand

Charlie Miller

Pete Peterson

Jeffrey J. Harms

Ed and Eileen Law

Ben and Jean Galloway

Hazlett, Janet Hazlett

Alan Long

Katy Spritzer

Barbara Ungashick

Barbara Carter

Neville and Patricia Gaggiani

James and Jennifer Martin

Philip Miller

Judy Macomber

Don McMaster

Andrea Mitchell

Margaret Hotze

Gordon and Beth Kieft